Senior move managers

Senior move managers

Does your loved one need to downsize? Move? Does the prospect seem overwhelming? Perhaps not just physically, but emotionally too? Enter the senior move manager: Part mover, part interior decorator, part compassionate friend. These professionals take a holistic approach. They handle the physical logistics. They are also skilled at assisting older adults with the emotional side of a move.

Senior move managers provide services from A to Z. You can buy a full package or hire them for tasks à la carte.

  • Outlining a plan for the move
  • Developing a comprehensive floor plan of the new place
  • Reviewing and sorting possessions
  • Selling/disbursing items that won’t be moved
  • Interviewing, scheduling, overseeing movers
  • Packing or supervising the mover’s packers
  • Arranging shipments and storage
  • Unpacking and setting up the new dwelling

Fortunately, move managers can help an older adult come up with creative solutions for shedding possessions while preserving the memories. (“How about we save three of your favorite trophies and put them on special display? We can photograph the others to rotate through on your screen saver.”) They know how to work with persons who have dementia. Some also understand hoarding.

Senior move managers can yield money savings too. They know where to get best prices for antiques, books, and other collectables. They often have relationships with allied professionals such as realtors or contractors who may even offer a discount for their services. And don’t forget that a senior move manager can spare you from taking time off work for packing and unpacking. Or that extra plane flight to get things organized.

If this all sounds good, look for a move manager who is a member of the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers. Members have training and insurance and abide by a professional code of ethics.