Custom Coronavirus Plan

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If there is an older adult in your life, perhaps you have been wondering:

  • “Should I bring my mother home from assisted living?”
  • “Is it safe for dad to still have his caregivers coming into the house?”
  • “How will we care for mom and dad if they get sick?”
  • “What if I get sick?”

You are not alone with these worries
Depending on your family member’s general health, you may also be wondering how to monitor chronic conditions when office visits are not possible. Perhaps you have questions about how to safely continue chemo or other treatments for non-COVID serious illness.

And then there are concerns about safety and well-being in daily life

  • “What is the safest way to unpack delivered groceries?”
  • “How do we stay in touch? Mom is so isolated, she’s getting depressed.”
  • “Cabin fever is driving dad crazy!”

You need to have your questions answered

In response to these questions and worries, we have developed Custom Coronavirus Plan consultations.

They are designed so you can have your immediate concerns addressed and then work on improving the current situation while we strategize to help you handle the most likely contingencies:

  • What if your older relative gets sick?
  • What if one spouse is sick and the other isn’t?
  • What if your relative has to go to the hospital?
  • What if YOU get sick?

Consultations include 90 minutes on the phone
Up to two people (phone numbers) can participate in the call.

  • We request information ahead of time about you or your family member, and your top three concerns so we can do some initial research and review.
  • During the call, we get as far down the list as we can in the time allotted.
  • A written summary of the call will be provided.
  • You will have exclusive access to practical handouts and a curated set of more than 40 resources that cut through the noise and deliver credible, useful information.

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