Our WellSenior™ program is uniquely designed to meet the full range of needs of aging adults planning for future care needs who want to establish a relationship with a proven Aging Life Care Management practice. Led by our skilled team of gerontologists, it is growing in popularity with those who are single, or whose family lives out of town and are seeking support they can trust. Our caring and knowledgeable Aging Life Care Managers will provide guidance and advocacy in the event of a medical crisis, a health-related change, or when advice is needed on housing and care options.

When a new WellSenior enrolls in our program, a care manager will:

  • Arrange an initial in-home visit, billed at our regular care management rates to get a better understanding of care needs, as well as gather background information regarding medical conditions, emergency contacts, medications, POAs, and other important information
  • Coordinate quarterly check-ins by phone at no charge, unless there is a change or new needs are identified
  • Visit annually, billed at care management rates, to document updated information.
  • Until you request more services, no other charges will be billed. If you decide to move out of the area, we can assist you in locating a care manager in other parts of the country.

As a WellSenior client wrote about our care managers, “It is just so imperative that we have Debra Levy Eldercare Associates when something happens. Thank goodness we do!”

To learn more about our WellSenior services. Download our flyer.